makes it possible to watch and share.


about trecart

Since its inception in California in 2017, TreCart has been committed to being an innovator and leader in the field of digital media outreach. After years of development, the company has always insisted on connecting brands and users in innovative ways to create an interactive and effective advertising model.

" makes it possible to watch and share."

Our vision

Our vision is to create greater value for brands through advanced digital marketing strategies, while providing users with a fun and valuable interactive experience. TreCart firmly believes that innovation is the core driving force to lead the market, and win-win and user engagement are the cornerstones of our success. We are committed to creating a platform that not only meets the needs of advertisers, but also rewards user participation, and jointly drives the development of the digital marketing industry.

Earn money by watching ad videos:
Users can earn rewards by simply watching ad videos on our platform. This not only increases the view rate of the ad, but also brings additional revenue to the user.
Promotions also make money:
users get paid to share and promote TreCart’s advertising content to their social networks. This method not only expands the reach of advertising, but also makes the user’s sharing behavior more valuable.

We help you to earn