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about trecart

Background TreCart was founded in 2017 and is located in California, USA. The founding team had a clear goal from the very beginning: to find a new way of advertising communication in an increasingly digital market environment that could not only meet the needs of brands in terms of digital marketing, but also stimulate the participation of ordinary users. Therefore, TreCart is committed to developing an innovative online advertising model that achieves mutual benefits between advertisers and users by incentivizing users to watch and share ad content.

" makes it possible to watch and share."


HistorySince its inception, TreCart has experienced rapid growth and expansion. What started as a small company offering basic digital marketing services has grown into a significant presence in the field of digital media promotions. Through continuous innovation and improvement of its service model, the company has successfully attracted the cooperation of many well-known brands, and also actively expanded its user base. In particular, its model of “making money by watching advertising videos” and “making money by publicity and promotion” has received wide attention and recognition from the market.

Market Position Today

TreCart has established itself as a significant player in the field of electronic media promotion. Not only has the company made significant achievements in providing innovative advertising solutions, but it has also played an active role in driving the industry as a whole towards a more interactive and user-friendly direction. TreCart’s successful model has become something for other companies in the industry to emulate, while also providing a new perspective on how the advertising industry is evolving.

Vigilant Protectors

Video Ad Viewing Platform

TreCart provides a platform where users can get paid for watching ad videos. Not only does this create additional revenue opportunities for users, but it also increases the number of views and reach of your ads.

Social media interaction

In addition to watching videos, users can also earn money by liking, commenting, and sharing these videos on social media. This interaction not only enhances the social impact of the advertisement, but also creates incentives for users to participate in the advertising communication.

Digital Marketing Strategy

TreCart provides advertisers with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including creative design of advertising content, target audience analysis, and multi-channel promotion strategies.

Data Analytics & Market Research

The company uses advanced data analytics tools to evaluate advertising effectiveness and provide advertisers with market research and user behavior insights to help them optimize their performanceAdvertising strategy