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Known for its innovative electronic gadgets such as iPhones, iPads, Mac computers, etc.


The world's most famous carbonated beverage brand, widely known for its iconic red and white logo.


An internationally renowned sports brand that is known worldwide for its sneakers and sports gear.


The world's largest Internet search engine, offering a wide range of web services and products.

Louis Vuitton

A famous French luxury brand, known for its high-end handbags and leather goods.


The world's leading software company offering a wide range of software products and services, including Windows operating system and Office software.


An internationally renowned coffee chain known for its specialty coffees and comfortable coffee shop environment.


A German luxury car manufacturer known for its high-performance and high-quality cars.


A globally renowned entertainment and media conglomerate, known for its film productions, theme parks, and diverse entertainment offerings.

Trecart continues to grow itself through partnerships with these brands. While helping them publicize, it also attracts more and more people to join the ranks and make money together.
Trecart is committed to being a leader in the industry.

Future Prospects

As digital media and social networks continue to evolve, TreCart is expected to continue to maintain its leading position in the field of digital media promotion. Looking to the future, the company will focus on the following key areas:

Technological Innovation and Platform Upgrades

TreCart It will continue to invest in technological innovation and continuously upgrade its digital marketing platform to provide smarter and more efficient advertising and content distribution services. The company plans to introduce more advanced data analysis tools and artificial intelligence algorithms to more accurately target audiences and optimize advertising performance.

Diversified content creation

In order to meet the needs of different brands and markets, TreCart will expand its content creation scope to include video, graphics, live broadcasts and other forms to enhance the attractiveness of content and user engagement.

Social Media Strategy Optimization

As social media is an important channel for promotion, TreCart will further deepen the operation strategy of major social platforms, including Weibo, WeChat, TikTok, etc., to enhance the interaction between brands and consumers.

User community building

Strengthen community participation and user interaction, and enhance users' loyalty and activity to the brand through incentive mechanism and community management.

Global Market Expansion

With the acceleration of globalization, TreCart plans to expand into the international market, provide customized digital media promotion services for more overseas brands, and attract more international users to participate in its unique monetization model.

Deepening Partnerships

TreCart will continue to build closer relationships with brands and media partners to explore new market opportunities and create greater business value.